Perilous World Radio 08/19/22

Welcome back as David Masters and Mike Jones host today’s feisty Friday Perilous World show.  “When God is not present, evil things happen”, expresses David.  This statement is conjured up after David plays a clip about the sacrifice of children, religious rituals, and blood sacrifices.  This paved the way for David to play a clip of Sam Harris, neuroscientist, philosopher, and host of "Making Sense" podcast saying Hunter Biden could have had corpses of kids in his basement, I wouldn’t have cared, whatever scope of corruption Joe Bidens is, it is infinitesimal compared to the corruption we know that Trump is involved in.  It’s like a firefly to the sun. “Make me a list,” says Mike Jones.   Mike shared that he watched a video of an interview that showed a protest in front of Trump Tower, demanding Trump be thrown in jail, yet when a protester was asked “can you tell us why?”, he could not answer.  David says it’s a center of mind conformity.  No one is doing their thinking. It’s convoluted. To justify and rationalize their insanity. 

David plays a clip from their heavenly co-host, Roy Masters, “Your part in your enslavement”, who points out that each one of us is addicted and or enslaved to something. “Silence equals consent,” says David.  The “left” are trying to make you feel guilty for thinking differently, and or feel like you made a huge mistake for not going along with them. 

Boston children’s hospital has been receiving threats, for providing care for transgender children.  They are the first pediatric, transgender care facility that offers gender-affirming health care. Hysterectomy for minors?  Mike Jones says,” first do no harm”, as he expresses with distaste how they are talking about sterilization of children, to make sure nobody can procreate.

“When you are programmed.  It can be a disturbing thing to the mind.  Brainwashing, the horrors that happen behind closed doors.” clip from Roy Masters, Teaching vs. Brainwashing.  “How did we get to where we are today?”, questions David.

Accountability prompts David to play the next clip in which CDC Director Walensky publicly admits that we (CDC) made a lot of mistakes; we made public mistakes, and we need to own them.  Confusing and overwhelming regarding the COVID, guidelines. It’s important to understand the great work of this agency, but also to admit to areas that we need to improve. “If we don’t hold these people accountable, we will be screwed again,” says David.

In the last segment, David plays a clip from his father Roy Masters, “you’ve fallen for the oldest trick on earth, terrorism.  Open your eyes, for we live in a society, pummeled by television, bad home lives, drugs, corrupted media, trying to rob us of our confidence and defame our noble leaders.”

As the show comes to an end, David reminds us that, right or wrong is the only equation that matters right now.  Join us next week as we bring truth, the whole truth, and nothing but, as Alan, David, Jan, Mike, and Pat take on this Perilous World.


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