Perilous World Radio 08/16/22

David Masters, Pat Kelly, and Mike Jones take on today’s Perilous World Show. “When is failure success?” asks David. Pat responds, “When you’re trying to destroy the object, that you’re focusing on.”

We are headed towards the strangest of days. It’s the end of times that we have known, a fading picture, say’s David, however, Pat Kelly disagrees by saying he has faith.

People’s cultures are being modified, and it’s because the “west” want to concentrate power. We should always be looking to disperse power, not concentrate it, which is what the Constitution was made for.

The men shed some light on the breaking news of Alec Baldwin as they feel he is sort of the victim for they believe that it is the armorer who should be arrested. Although Alec should have taken an extra step of safety and checked the gun to see if there was a live round in it. David and Pat also say he should have taken some responsibility. Tragedy hits everybody and you can’t undo it, apologize, and learn. 

David plays a clip from a documentary titled, “How an entire population becomes mentally ill!”  Mass psychosis is an epidemic of madness, and it occurs when a large portion of society loses touch with reality and descends into delusions. We are our own worst enemy. Man is a wolf to Man!

“Stop your worrying, start being brave!” says Pat. As the trio ends the show, David leaves us with sound advice. Be a part of the solution. Put a firewall up in your mind to keep the madness from getting in!


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