Perilous World Radio 08/15/22

Alan Masters, David Masters, and Jan Masters welcome us back to this Monday’s Perilous World show. Alan says his whole life is changing because he is being obedient to the Almighty. Jan responds that Peace is like Freedom. We aren’t here to rest on our laurels, we are here to have our souls tested and to develop a stronger relationship with our creator. We need challenges to perfect ourselves, says David.  

The trio discusses how God carries you, and that he is involved in everything. Human consciousness is so powerful. It's awareness. God is so far ahead of us as to what we want, and we sum it up as a coincidence. David chimes in and says, the pressure must be present to stimulate growth. 

Jan reiterates to us that the sins of the fathers fall upon the heads of the next generation. There is an echo to every action. When we are all in this together with no division, that’s when a change will happen. The true enemies are at the top keeping us divided.  In a hypnotic scenario, there is always the snapping of the fingers with the suggestion of waking up, says David. Guilt and fear mechanisms are used to prevent a person from “waking up” from the hypnotic state. Consciousness cancels out this hypnotic effect. 

David plays a clip from their “heavenly co-host” Roy Masters, as he counsels a Hindu man, succumbing to alcohol. “Am I weak?” asks the man. Roy responds with, “You can be addicted to being told how to be a person. You are not in control of yourself because God isn’t in control. Salvation is learning how to be still and know God.”

Alan shares a comment from the chat room: “The spirit of knowledge has to be transformed (transcended) by the Light-to a new (divine) understanding.”

Jan wraps up today’s show as she reminds us that, if you are seeking the truth, you will find it!


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