Perilous World Radio 08/09/22

What Would Jesus Do? On this Perilous World Show, David Masters and country lawyer Pat Kelly take on today’s hot topic as they discuss how the “left” is trying to take Trump out. “We are a nation in decline, we are a failing nation!”, says Trump, as Pat says this is the game board being chucked in the air, as he expresses how appalled he is against the U.S. government. David shares a clip of Jordan Peterson stating that the FBI raided Trump’s home in Florida. Pat explains that it’s selective prosecution or zeroing in on someone and using the power of the state to threaten and intimidate. How arrogant they are, says Pat. 

David shares a clip as MSNNBC spills the beans, Donald Trump could be banned from public office if he's found guilty of mishandling classified White House documents, legal experts have warned. Federal law prohibits someone convicted of mishandling documents from holding any office in the United States

David plays another clip of Mark Robinson, Lt. Governor of North Carolina, to whom David says he would vote for the next president. "I don't care what these communists say. I don't care what these socialists say. I don't care what these blue hair freaks say. America is still the greatest nation on Earth and it's thanks to God."

As the gentlemen close today’s show, Pat reminds listeners that there are some shows that provide deep insight, not this show, this show is an “it is, what it is”. We have to defend the Republic!


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