Perilous World Radio 08/08/22

Alan Masters, David Masters, and Jan Masters welcome us on this Manic Monday.  Alan opens the show with how the Antichrist works at your soul every day.  He works at your ego and ego breeds hate and eats judgment.  Ego can do such damage, even within your own family.  Pride is but a delicacy that feeds the ego and puts you above others.  Like a hyena, it preys on others’ weaknesses.  Alan says be conscious of it.  It will attack you when you least expect it.  Jan says the “father of lies”, it’s a spirit and a person, and we all have the battle between good and evil within each one of us.  Alan gives an example of the battle of his “ego”.  David shares his thoughts that people live impulsively from moment to moment, however, this life is forever.  There is a process that you go through in life as you shuffle through what is important and not, when you figure it out you then free yourself, and you change your course.  Jan calls it the “aha” moment.

In our battlefront segment, Perilous World welcomes Colonel Monaco and a special guest Dr. Dawn Weston.  Colonel Monaco opens with the defeat of the “Value Them Both” amendment, which allowed the legislature to regulate abortion. Dr. Weston said a lot of lies were thrown on the table.  Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness while you’re allowed to “kill” your unborn child. Dr. Weston had prayed for guidance and was given the insight to help support those women in crisis such as those who are grieving after an abortion.  Other ways to help are to volunteer at pregnancy centers as well as donations.  Jan said we are grounded in truth and that we need to keep pushing forward. 

As we enter the next segment, David plays clips from an enraged father whose 7-year-old son has developed Myocarditis and is now hospitalized due to the jab.  David then plays a clip of Milton Friedman who sheds light on the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 as he explains to us who is responsible for the inflation.

Are you walking in life awake enough to see the danger in front of you? asks Alan.  For he believes intuition and observation are key.  As they close today’s show, Jan reminds us that, “This, is God’s Country!”

Join us tomorrow as country lawyers Pat Kelly and David Masters bring us more truth and nothing but, in this Perilous World!


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