Perilous World Radio 08/03/22

David Masters and Jan Masters open today’s show with a talk about the abuse children receive through their parents’ and doctors’ ignorance as they make choices for them to transition into the opposite sex.  David plays a clip from a documentary called, “The Detransition Diaries” as a female explains how she battled depression and an eating disorder at an early age because she felt “limited in life” by being a female.  She was introduced to a belief system that if you don’t fit in or don’t like your body then you are trans and if you transition all your problems will be fixed.  You can go on to YouTube to watch the full documentary.  If that didn’t blow your mind, David then shared an article that says an education consulting firm seeks to promote “Queer Mathematics” in K-12 schools.  A plan is laid out for incorporating gender theory into math classes.  What is happening to our country? 

Colonel Monaco and Chaplain Pringle join David and Jan today as they talk about the coping strategies and how the “Be Still and Know” meditation has helped thousands of military men and women.  Chaplain Pringle shares his experience of using meditation to help manage his anger, frustration, and anxiety.  Colonel Monaco says the devil is the one that whispers into your ear and triggers all your anxiety.  To become aware and to become centered is through God. 

As Jan and David close the show, Jan says parents have a big responsibility to their children when it comes to God.  The sad overview is that the world has taken away the fundamental beauty of who we are.  How do we help insulate our children from all of this?  Jan says we need to encourage our children and assure them that their life's special and that God made them just the way they were meant to be.


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