Perilous World Radio 08/02/22

Country Lawyer, Pat Kelly, and David Masters open the show today with thoughts on a San Francisco fest that says putting booths ten feet apart and requiring vaccination cards is their way of keeping people from “smooshing” against one another. Pat Kelly says Public Health and the Economist that run our country are completely out of touch with reality. Being a loyal American is one thing but being loyal to insanity to this “gaslight” world is another. Pat’s mantra is, “Don’t believe in your own propaganda!”

Next, the duo shed some light on an Iranian state media that published a video clip claiming it can, at a moment’s notice, transform its nuclear program into an “atomic military”, as they warn of its ability to turn New York into a heap of rubble from Hell.

David inquires, “why wouldn’t Biden want America to be great again? “Pat says by the time we get to the next election, things will be worse than they are now, however he wants everyone to remember to never lose faith in America, family, and God.


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