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BEST OF SHOW FROM 07/11/22The government is holding military paychecks and benefits for not getting the jab. It’s completely unconstitutional and we’ll dive deeper during the Patriot Outreach segments. 


Jan Masters joins David as they open the show discussing how more democrats don’t want Biden to run again in 2024, not just because of his low ratings but for the increased signs of his advancing age. In fact, some recent headlines threaten he won’t be fit to finish out this term.


David turns the conversation to the January 6th hearings. Jan fears they will try to arrest Trump and feels it will be a war for the soul of our country. Later Jan explains that in the Bible, Cyrus was used by God to take down Jezebel’s reign. Jan says that Trump was sent by God and he beat Hillary, who she compares to Jezebel. “We are watching God at work using Trump to fight the evils of our country.”


More people are not buying into what Hollywood’s been pushing. Hollywood’s latest film featuring leading LGBTQ roles, such as the newest Thor film, or the integration of LGBTQ characters in Disney’s animations, are keeping many moviegoers’ money in their wallets. Both parties are showing signs of questioning or disagreeing with recent immoral actions pushed by media, implemented by government.


It’s Patriot Outreach Monday as we’re joined by Col. Tony Monaco and civil rights Attorney, Rees Lloyd, who share that military who don’t want to get the shot are being punished by having their pay held, and for some their benefits held as well. Rees Lloyd says “this is a major test if we still have religious freedom in this country.” He says it is reported that you will not lose your constitutional rights if you are in the military. Yet, benefits are being held and the Air Force graduates are being denied graduation if they don’t get the jab. So now military are leaving in droves. Here are the latest military stats: Over 700 Air Force pilots, more than 40,000 members of the Army National Guard, and 22,000 reservists are facing loss of pay or benefits, and possible discharge, for failure to submit to the jab and may have unsuccessfully claimed religious exemption.

It’s not just with the military either. One in seven San Diego cops have quit, and many more have left the force in LA for refusing to get the jab.


To add more reason for people’s hesitancy to get the shot, medical studies are coming out showing that Pfizer’s vax is being shown to change DNA and doctors don’t know what it will do to our bodies long term.


Alan joins us on the 2nd half of the show. NBC panelists are openly wishing that Biden will kick the bucket before the election period knowing how low his approval rating is and fearful they don’t have any good democrat alternatives. 


Our heavenly co-host says ”We’re all a little schizophrenic in some way”. Roy Masters talks about the voices we all have in our heads, being influenced by external information, and the importance of self love and being centered.


Alan explains that the word “schizophrenic” is a trigger word used to put a label on us. He says that our words are so important. Negative associations may lead us to think of ourselves in the same negative way.


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