Perilous World Radio 07/29/22

David Masters and Mike Jones bring us today's Perilous World show, as David opens with a clip from Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald to lead us into his statement, about doing what’s right regardless of the cost.  Most people are always weighing out the consequences before acting. David shares the news that Trump dominates the 2024 straw poll as 78.7% of attendees said they would vote for Trump and 19% said they would vote for Ron DeSantis. Next, David plays a clip about the humanitarian crisis that is happening in Washington D.C. as Mike Jones elaborates on the massive humanitarian crisis on the border that is being completely ignored.  Over 40,000 immigrants arrived in Arizona last week.  Mike Jones and David Masters ask, Aren’t the government supposed to be in service for the Americans?

Next, David unveils a situation that is unfolding in the Los Angeles area, as children are being bribed with pizza to take the vaccine.  The mother of a 13-year-old student at Barack Obama Academy is filing a lawsuit against the Los Angeles School District after her son was vaccinated against COVID without her consent and suffered side effects as a result.  Her son was offered pizza and then coerced into forging his mom’s signature. Immediately after getting the vaccine, the mother said her son started experiencing symptoms. The family’s attorney says they are filing a lawsuit after a damage claim was ignored by both the school and the district.

David shares another clip of Senator John Kennedy on what Biden is doing in America.  From higher taxes to opening the borders, more spending, more debt, more regulations, to turning our police officers into social workers.  Biden has hurt the hard-working Americans in their pocketbooks, and it’s called inflation.  A direct result of the president’s policies.  Rampant and unrestrained!  David says the people in power are spreading cancer of the mind and are dangerous beyond any kind of understanding.  Everything they do is bad for people, says Mike Jones.

The final thought of the day, be an observer of human nature, and the truth will set you free.


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