Perilous World Radio 07/27/22

David Masters is joined by Alan’s wife Jan Masters on today’s show. They talk about being banned, again, by YouTube and how they are becoming like Twitter and stopping anyone from speaking the truth. They want Trump to get back into the White House as President, so that way we can start to get our country back. They discuss how it is no longer fine with saying you are pro-choice but you have to say that you are anti-pro-life, which is the party of the Grimm Reaper. 


They discuss how the Left doesn’t think that parents should have any say in how children are raised or taught and that people are just the birthers. They play clips of President Biden who is making up stories about police officers being impaled and killed during the January 6th incident. They talk about how in life we go a full circle from being infants who can’t take care of themselves, to elderly people who also need assistance and how we still need to love elderly people just like we do with our children.


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