Perilous World Radio 07/15/22

David Masters is joined by Mike Jones on today’s show. They play clips from a documentary called Heal, by Dr. Bruce Lipton and it talks about how 1,500 people survived a terminal cancer prognosis by using spirituality and their own minds to heal. The documentary also talks about how the environment that we live in determines the fate of our cells and whether they will be healthy or not. David talks about how he overcame type II diabetes by cutting out sugar and carbs from his diet and exercising much more and that this is an example of how changing what you do has a direct effect on your health.


They talk about how Planned Parenthood’s website has links for children that promotes being gay and transgender and how evil that is to target children with this propaganda. They discuss how a lot of people who get sick see themselves as victims and that being in a victims’ mentality is bad for your health and that when people change their mindset, they often get better. They talk about how it’s never too late for redemption if you are living a life of sin and you can then have other people learn from your life experiences in order to not make the same mistakes. Clips from Roy Masters came from shows K4435 and K4436.


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