Perilous World Radio 07/14/22

Alan and David Masters host today’s show. Mike Jones hops on the show briefly to explain why YouTube has blocked the Foundation’s account and that we are now on Rumble. They talk about how Dr. Fauci has come out and said that the vaccines for Covid “Don’t protect overly well against infection”, even though that was the main selling point of getting the jab. They play clips from their father, Roy Masters, who talks about how for most people it is incredibly hard for  people to simply sit still. (from show K4431). They talk about Alan’s new friend Nick Yaris and how he was falsely imprisoned for more than 20 years and kept in solitary confinement. 


They discuss how people think that if they mimic what they hear in church or read in the Bible and that they will be saved just by that alone. They talk about the importance of words and that you need to use words that have meaning and that are not empty or hollow. Alan talks about seeing the new Elvis movie and how it’s so sad that Elvis died at 42 years old because he was on so many prescription pills at the time and how a lot of people turn to taking a pill instead of trying to deal with the problems in their lives. They talk about the true meaning of love and how you can’t love objects or things.


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