Perilous World Radio 07/08/22

Alan and Jan Masters start the show with the unbelievable news that Biden signed an immediate executive order to override the Supreme Court’s ruling of Roe v Wade, proving he is not only unlawful but undeniably evil. Jan says, “you can see this is a war between good and evil. It’s playing out right before our eyes. They are completely disregarding our constitution. Our founding fathers said that this will only work with a moral people.”


David joined in with the news that Biden is selling our fuel reserves to China. Alan says, “he’s selling us down the river. I feel like I’m in a bad dream I can’t wake up from. They want to divide us into colors, religions and anything they can to break a united front and distract us from the evil they’re trying to get away with.”


Jan explains, “when your body has cancer it’s because the immune system can’t detect it. There is a cancer in our country that’s been undetected. Once it comes out into the light, the immune system will attack it.” People learning the truth and being a united front is our immune system fighting the cancer of our government and media.


David says that there is only the truth and everything else is an illusion. You can tell which illusions people are buying into when they stop buying brands that support Leftist ideals, like Disney and Netflix, whose stocks have dropped 50%-70%. Jan adds that there is some positive movement on the left, especially with some Hollywood celebrities who are starting to wake up. She says, “we’re going to have to fight like our founding fathers did, maybe not with bullets because this is more of an information war.” 


David plays a clip of Joe Rogan interviewing Lex Fridman from MIT discussing mind control. The question came up if Joe Rogan, having the #1 podcast in the world, had been contacted by the CIA in order to be influenced. Joe said that during his cancellation there were clear narratives that they were trying to push forward. “When it becomes dangerous is when a person has the largest reach, is detached and completely independent.”


Our heavenly host’s clip (#K4431) of Roy Masters discusses how whatever you get into gets into you. Jan says, “Roy’s mission was to help people discover who they truly are, as well as his ‘Be Still and Know’ exercise, which is finding that center so you can discern the truth from the lie.”


Other topics discussed: GoFundMe took down a convenience clerk’s account which was to help him with legal fees after he stabbed a man who attacked him in his store leading to the assailant’s death. Biden protects the morning after pill and makes it more widely available. 


Clips of Roy Masters came from show #K4431.


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