Perilous World Radio 07/07/22

Alan and David Masters discuss how living in our comfort zone can pull us from our purpose-driven life. Alan says that we must be still and let God lead us. That’s what the Foundation of Human Understanding is all about. “We need to ask God what our purpose is everyday.”


Roy Masters, in a profound clip of classic Advice Line (#K4431), shares how your thoughts are not your own. “You conceal your secret thoughts out of shame. Most of this country is sick. You can look around at the bad habits everyone has. If you give me a symptom, tell me what the problem is, we’re going to work back and I’ll frighten you back into your chi.”


Alan explains “the devil does not own you because you belong to God. You must be still to find the antidote of the problem that ails you. Being in the stillness with God is the antidote to the chains that the devil has imposed upon you.”


Roy continues, “your conscience knows what’s right from wrong, but that voice inside your head pulls you back into conflict. Everybody dies from conflict. There are very few people not conflicted. If you have a conflict it’s because you have a conscience but you don’t know how to win the war.”


Alan says, “Conscience is your guiding light from above to live the right way. If you want to live without conflict come back to “be still and know” [meditation].


Roy Masters fought for his life in his 50s with an amoeba that was eating him from the inside causing much damage. Alan describes how his father Roy dealt with illness in an incredible way which lead to his survival.


When we get sick, most of us get out of our center and immediately have fear. Alan asks, “when you are diagnosed with a sickness, do you rush to fear, or do you sit quietly and ask for God’s guidance?” Alan suggest that when diagnosed with an ailment to go first to the source and be honest about how you’ve lived your life. Be vulnerable with God about ways you haven’t been living right and ask for guidance of what you can do and where to start. 


Other topics discussed: 

Boris Johnson’s resignation, Disney and Netflix stocks continue to drop, 4000 Beagles were spared from scientific experiments, more on Jordon Peterson’s Elliot Page tweet, The Popeye comic strip is getting a “wake” makeover featuring more characters who aren’t heterosexual describing Popeye as gender fluid.


Clips of Roy Masters used on today’s show came from program #K4431.


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