Perilous World Radio 07/06/22

Alan and David Masters start the show discussing our comfort zones and gradual complacency to slip into negative patterns and progressions. When we get comfortable our thoughts can be used to distract us from stillness and finding our bliss. We need to be aware of those destructive thoughts, meditate, and get back to our center with God. Alan describes that if we let our anger manifest it will steel our energy like a parasite, and can manifest in other negative ways chipping away at our happiness and distracting us from God’s true purpose for our lives.

David plays a classic Advice Line Radio clip he was co-hosting with his father, Roy Masters, addressing the topic,“deadly excitement”. “Whatever you get into gets into you,” says Roy Masters. Alan explains that like adrenaline junkies on rollercoasters seeking a new thrill, you become hungry for more adrenaline and you look for it in other forms, like a new fix. Adrenaline is present in more ways than skydivers and mountain climbers. It can become present in ways that trigger a sense of excitement, like horror films, shopping, speeding, or even fighting, where relationships are destroyed by a growing hunger for confrontation or self-destruction.

Alan says, “we need to listen to our conscience more, more often. We slowly kill ourselves by perverting the creation God gives us”, such as with pills and fearful, damaging mindsets. “We complicate our lives so unnecessarily. God gives us the miracle of our conscience and our body. We need to stop perverting it all.”

We aren’t condemned for making mistakes. Like a car we have the ability to reverse. We can say we’re sorry, repent and correct our course. David says to “never forget that your words have power.” Matthew 4:4, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”


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