Perilous World Radio 07/05/22

David Masters and Pat Kelly, the country lawyer, open with the horrible mass shooting at the July 4th parade. The shooter seems to have mental issues with his strange social media postings and physical appearance, but the media is wanting to focus on a photo of the shooter at a Trump rally and was said to have been homeschooled. David says that 71 people were shot this weekend in Chicago, however, “they’re making a media frenzy over the one white kid” who was mentally unstable wanting attention.


David exposes “the groomers”, Satanic people trying to groom and prime our children into early sexuality, transgenderism and other immoral acts. Much of this is done in schools then is fortified and spread throughout media. David plays a clip from “BayMax!”, a Disney series for kids 5 and up, where a recent episode featured a young man asking another man on a date. David says this is one of the many ways they are “grooming our children”. However, Pat says, “we are feeding our children to this machine.”


Pat Kelly says, “We need to motivate people to go on the attack, not with guns, but when you see it happening you should be empowered to stop it and God doesn’t excuse you when you walk away.” 



Other topics discussed: Antidepressant and psychotropic drugs,  Children in Pride parades, Identifying Evil, The great John Wayne and patriotism, R. Kelly verdict, and much more.


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