Perilous World Radio 07/01/22

Alan and David Masters are joined by Mike Jones as they get right into breaking news that 6 more women have come forward that Trump tried to grab their steering wheels! 😉 just kidding. They discuss Trump’s rejection to give Cassidy Hutchison a job and her revenge plot unraveling. 

Alan and Mike say they have stopped watching the news as much as it’s horrible to sit through, especially on Fox. Alan jokes that if there is anything that you have been putting off doing for a long time, the news cycle is the perfect time to do it.

Only 30% of Americans were polled to have pride in our country. David says, “its become popular to hate our country, but it’s like saying ‘I hate God’. This used to be the land of the free and home of the brave. The news media that we used to trust, have become instrumental in destroying our great land.”

Alan says, “the news we’re being fed these days is crap and we keep eating it and wonder why we’re all getting messed up.” Mike says that when they hit you with negative propaganda all day long they have an influence to hate the country.

Alan asks, “What is thought? Air and water are tangible that we can feel, but where do our thoughts come from?” David reports that scientific studies show ‘thought is a mystery’ that neither Newtonian physics nor Quantum mechanics could explain. 

With much dissection the conversation turns to the power of dreams and ways the Holy Spirit has guided us in our slumber to where it benefitted us in life. David reminds us that Einstein dreamt about the Theory of Relativity. Where did that come from?

Other topics discussed: France judges have decided to turn away from whether trans men are eligible for artificial insemination. Twitter suspended Jordan Peterson for his comment about Ellen Page’s “trans sin”. He’s also in the hot seat for his comment, “Sorry. Not beautiful”, for Yumi Nu’s photo, the first plus-sized model on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, and much more.

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