Perilous World Radio 06/30/22

David Masters is with Mike Jones today as he starts off discussing Hulu’s American dystopian television series, “The Handmaid’s Tale”. Many democrats are comparing the show’s evil new governed colonies, which order fertile women into forced pregnancy where the baby is given to one of the many childless aristocrat couples, to the Republican Party for the approval of the Supreme Court’s abortion ruling. David says that reality is the exact opposite, but once the implication is made the left spreads the lie like wildfire. 

David makes the case, “the January 6th committee is a witch coven and this is our own modern day witch trial, but the witches have put the good folks of our country on trial.” David breaks it down and explains, “they are trying to make examples of those you respect and look up to because if they can get away with doing it to the people who are now on trial, they can get away with it on a mass scale.” David says we are all on trial.

We know that meditation can have positive effects on our emotions, perceptions, understandings and help us to find our center while connecting with God. Did you know that a recent study shows that meditation has a positive effect on our bodies reducing pre-inflammatory genes? In fact, according to Harvard Medical School, after meditating 15 minutes daily for eight weeks, the meditators had changes in 172 genes that control inflammation, sleep-wake rhythms, and how sugar processes.

For the opposite consequence, David points out that when you change your relationship with the outside world, that relationship is changed on the inside as well. When you start to believe lies, that starts to effect you negatively internally. In fact, David warns that the people who know how to lie skillfully, can alter everything about a person with a single lie. 

False memory expert, Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, shows that false memories can be implanted either intentionally or in other ways throughout life, where people will believe they are remembering something that never happened. This is one of the biggest collective thinking factors in spreading mis-information.

Other topics discussed: Ketanji Brown Jackson is sworn in as Supreme Court Justice, Fox News is losing many viewers and beat out by MSNBC and CNN, Chinese owned, Tik Tok, is the most invasive platform there is, having access to your data and using it to study humans, and much more.

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