Perilous World Radio 06/28/22

The news is reporting friendly protests around the states, yet there are reports of various state and capitol buildings being defaced. Pat says that they have endorse the darkness almost to the point of no return. 

David reports that The Supreme Court of America's recent rulings has emboldened other states. This leads to more hope as the New York Supreme Court judge ruled against allowing non-citizen voting, preventing 800,000 illegal immigrant votes.

The “echo chamber” of left news media is repeatedly saying they are concerned with the “legitimacy” of the U.S. Supreme Court. Pat says “when they don’t like the rulings they act like selfish children.” He also expects more violence as we get closer to the election. 

Roy Masters message, “Betrayal hurts. If you learn not to add resentment to it you can come through it. It’s called forgiveness. The minute you become resentful the devil pops up with judgement, conflict. Now you’re at war with yourself and your conscience seems like the bad guy and relief looks like your friend.” Simply concluded, “stop overreacting to pressure to not fuel for the problem.”

David reiterates, “the enemy uses different kinds of demoralization to win this war. You need to remember who you are in relation to the one who made you, who you were created to be. If you don’t, David says you will be recreated and be subject to your recreator.“ Pat shares, “when I am in my core defending what is right, I can almost feel the righteousness flowing in. If you do what is right and love yourself you can experience the glory of God.”

We close with clips of an interview with the former 20+ year news reporter, now politician, Kari Lake. David says, ”there’s a moral strength that comes through in her much like Trump.”

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