Perilous World Radio 06/17/22

David Masters and Mike Jones co-host today’s show and discuss: Augmented reality, Lost time due to our phones, addressing anxieties, learning to forgive

Studies are showing that children’s screen time is up and they prefer their devices to reading, playing, or interacting with peers. It’s impacting their social development and more are developing ADHD, have more aggressive tendencies and anxiety. David doesn’t feel that public teachers are mentally equipped to handle the advanced technical and psychological grip that children are facing today. This is especially true as our phones gratify our ego and learn us more and more. 

David asks, “what’s wrong with reality? Why are we constantly trying to escape life as we know it? He then asks, “once you get used to having your ego fed, when it’s gone leaving you with a craving, do you start resenting reality?”

Every time we let something get to us, we have a bit of an emotional wound that needs to be treated or it will never heal, nor will the resentment attached to that moment. Mike says that when he would confront any big problem that had huge anxiety attached, the fear and anticipation always seemed to be blown way out of proportion. 

Mike and David took a live call-in with Xavier who shared issues stemming with his father, and discussed how to try to appreciate him for what he did right, instead of focusing on what he did wrong. 

David tells the caller, if we can find the one little thing that we can love about someone that we don’t get along with, it will help to relieve the angst and move on. When you forgive, the person you set free is you.

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