Perilous World Radio 06/16/22

David Masters and Mike Jones co-host today’s show with topics such as, fake green energy, Biden’s higher gas prices, Increased transgender regrets, China’s lockdowns and Bank account freezes, Proud Boys breaking up Drag Queen Story Hour for kids, Moral Values in our country, and more.

Mike says, “there is no real green energy. He adds that there is if they’d create more nuclear power plants but they don’t want to do that because it would sidestep their true agenda.

David thanks God for the fact that, even though Biden may be called the most destructive president in history and a puppet, those pulling the strings may be seeing their end days.” 

“If the Left lets the chaos continue for another couple months”, David says, “the party will not exist in the form they are in much longer.” He continues to say, “isn’t it amazing that the things that have the most effect on us from the left have the least amount of exposure to the general public.”

David asks, “what happens when people start to realize what is really going on?”

Have you seen the video of Kamala’s insanely repetitive catch phrase set to music? It’s unbelievable and we dissect it. Get ready to laugh. 

“We have the ability to see what can be unburdened by what has been and make the possible happen.” -Kamala Harris


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