Perilous World Radio 06/15/22

A rare show with Masters’ Trio siblings, Dianne, Alan, and David in their first ever show together! 


Alan opens up about a personal issue at home which leads him Into discussing how fear and doubt creep into our heads during some very trying times. When the temptation comes calling to panic or get excited about unfortunate situations that occur in life, we must remember to have faith in God and ask what He needs us to do. 


Dianne discusses being a woman raised by Roy Masters in a male-dominated family. She recollects her father frequently telling her, “you may not always know when you’re doing the right thing, but you’ll always know when you’re doing the wrong thing.”  When we realize what we’ve been doing wrong, at that moment we must acknowledge it, face it, make adjustments and move on. Most of us make excuses which compounds the problem indefinitely.


Tying in perfectly, David plays Roy Masters’ clips on learning to resolve your past in the present.


Alan speaks about the lost art of being gracious, humble and living with gratitude. The act of simply doing something kind out of the goodness of our hearts is also fleeting, especially with the younger generations who are not being taught these virtues. 


Alan says, “You can take a man to wisdom but you can’t make them think.”  



Learn to Resolve Your Past in the Present is Roy Masters’ archived clips today and can be found on show #K4494


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