Perilous World Radio 06/14/22

David Masters and Patrick J. Kelly, the country lawyer, talk about doing things differently, on this “Counterintuitive Tuesday”.  


David jokingly asks, “what if we were to act counterintuitively to the Ten Commandments?” Disturbingly, as he goes through the list, it’s not too far off from our current societal shift.


David has boycotted Fox News, even from watching Tucker Carlson. It’s not just because of their more recent democratic slant, but because of how they promoted the story of the child who decided to change genders at age 5 for their LGBTQ Pride Month special.


Pat says that gender switching is not only a sin, it causes irreversible psychological damage and data shows a higher suicide rate for people who are transgender. They are targeting the most vulnerable by brainwashing youth and Pat feels they are essentially “sacrificing them to the gods”.


David says that a popular transgender YouTuber is promoting that “childhood innocence is a BS fantasy made up by adults.” David says that what we have is an epidemic of corruption, the likes of which the world hasn’t seen since Sodom and Gomorrah. David says, “ I don’t think God will be mocked here. I think there’s a real reckoning on its way.”


Our little town of Grants Pass made national news for the highest  increase in overdose deaths than any other city in Oregon. Heroine and harder drugs are legal and they failed to create the rehabilitation program they promised during the election period. Pat says it’s all by design to reduce the world’s population. 


Pat warms that times are going to get hard. Food will be expensive and scarce and people will be in harsher states of mind. He says that we will also need to be prepared to help others, not just ourselves. The evil agenda that our current leaders are pushing will propel it to be carried out, but Pat feels very optimistic that at the end of it all, it will fail and we will recover. 


Roy Masters’ archived clips today can be found on show #K4494.


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