Perilous World Radio 06/08/22

Alan and David Masters host today’s show. They talk about how if you are in a loveless marriage you are just consuming each other and how unhealthy that is. They talk about how everyone should be trying to become more in some facets of their life. They discuss how some people use f-bombs as filler for other words and how it’s an easy trap to fall into.


They play clips from Dr. Jordan B. Peterson who talks about how Joe Rogan just talks and doesn’t do much prep work and how that is what makes him so good to listen to, because he doesn’t have specific talking points. They also talk about how great it is to see Dr. Peterson on his spiritual journey and how remarkable it is. They talk about how we are doing a disservice to our friends if we don’t speak up when we see or hear them doing something that isn’t good for them. They ask the question, why do people always think about asking God for help last? They go on to discuss how some people aren’t ready for you to tell them that they have to stop a bad habit and will often get upset with you, until the time that they are ready to change.


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