Perilous World Radio 06/06/22

Jan Masters joins Alan and David talking with Patriot Outreach’s, Colonel Tony Monaco and Chaplain Phillip Pringle to discuss D-Day, and the value of reflecting upon our fallen Warriors. Col. Monaco says, “we recognize Memorial Day for those who laid down their life for us to defend our freedom. We remember because it reinstills our purpose in faith and life and the future of our family.”


“The memory of the righteous is blessed.”  -Proverbs 10:7


Jan says, “we’re already in a world war. It’s been below the surface for decades to tear apart our society. We cannot fight evil if we cannot recognize it. It has come in so stealthily that the body doesn’t recognize it as an enemy.”


David says studies show that courage can actually generate positive energy in your body with emotions of affirmation, trust, optimism, forgiveness, understanding, love, and peace.


Alan says that when you choose God’s truth over panic, lie and evil, God reaches out and its soul fortifying. Alan concludes with, “the strength of the spirit of God is immense. Have faith over fear and realize you are not the limitations of your flesh. With God, your spirit has the strength of a thousand men.”


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