Perilous World Radio 06/03/22

Alan starts off the show announcing that he would be talking about some uncomfortable topics, as he co-hosts with David Masters and Mike Jones. Alan says, “We’re all two-faced liars.”


Alan discusses the significance of Blaise Pascal’s quote, “All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” To this point, Alan says that we are uncomfortable with our two-faced dark side.” Alan became aware of his dark side during a recent heated discussion with his wife where he felt the anger slowly bubbling up inside of him; the Hellish ego, pride, the intellect.” Alan said, “But I recognized it and said ‘Not today Satan’.” He says that most people don’t want to think about or admit that we have an evil side that is running most of our lives.


David says that if you are a control freak, you have become that way as a survival mechanism because other people have tried to control you and you are an over compensator.” He says that the antidote for the “control freak” and the “controlled freak” is exactly the same, repentance.”  David also brings up that since Biden’s gun control speech is an impeachable offense, “why don’t we impeach him now?”


Alan shares a story from his youth of how trusting in God’s perfectly-timed nudge to buy a wrecking yard was a move that changed the course of his life forever. 

He also shares skilled negotiating tips and stories of what he’s learned buying over 5,000 cars at auction over the past 40 years being the owner of a car dealership and a wrecking yard, and now entering the tractor sector. Get valuable insight while hearing about Alan’s joy of making a good deal. Alan says that with every opportunity we have the ability to have an “exchange of spirit” with someone, which can lead to lifelong relationships. If there is a mark we should leave on this world it should be a light.


Alan explains it like this, “God put us into this maze of life. Its a 100-year test. Can we make our way back to Him?”


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