Perilous World Radio 06/01/22

Alan and David Masters co-host discussing masculinity, or lack there-of, in today’s culture. Being fed by media, the school system, and every possible outlet, there is a clear cultural emasculation happening. 


David reads that homosexuals are growing larger than Christians in the Conservative movement. Alan says it’s because there is a void of fathers in the home. We are reliving the “Adam and Eve Sindrome” over and over. Men need to be firm with their wives with calm, patience and kindness, yet women want a man to be warm and fuzzy.”


Alan and David talk about the stereotypes behind a man who cries. Alan grew up thinking that crying was to be in private, especially not in front of your wife. Are there exceptions now?


David reads from Alvin Toffler’s book that  “Individuals need life structure. The absence of structure breeds breakdown.” Key characteristics of Toffler's Third Wave include, “the eclipsing of monetary wealth by knowledge and information as the primary determinant of power and its distribution.” 


According to David, what we lack in our own minds is the reason why we are falling apart as a culture. “Knowledge leads to spirituality. Don’t deprive yourself of the Bible and spiritual instruction.”


Alan says, “one of the most joyous times is when you see a person wake up and open up to their creator, you see God at work. Life being well-lived is a beautiful thing to witness.”


Clips of Roy Masters taken from show K4563.


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