Perilous World Radio 05/31/22

David Masters and, “Country Lawyer” Patrick J. Kelly, discuss the politics behind our gun rights and our growing mental health injustices.


David plays clips and says to be aware of the Hegelian process that’s being used in politics, media, schools, and social media apps today to influence, confuse and push this administration’s political agenda.


Hegel’s dialectical idealism means that every idea (thesis) gives rise to a counter idea (antithesis) and the original idea and counter idea merge to give rise to a new idea (synthesis). It is a continuous cycle in which then, the synthesis itself acquires the status of a thesis and gives rise to its own antithesis.


Pat says, “happiness is found by serving God and serving people. Your happiness is not dependent on external factors. Pat believes that “goodness will finally prevail. We’re gaining ground. Don’t lose hope.”


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