Perilous World Radio 05/30/22

BEST OF SHOW FROM 05/16/21 - Jan and Alan Masters co-host the show starting off discussing finding our purpose and the gifts God has instilled in each of us to discover and use.


Jan says if everything that is created has a purpose, such as an old bolt they found on their property, what is our purpose? Alan talks about the value we present to God, regardless of how we feel about ourselves. It is His value that He puts on us. 


It’s Monday which means we are joined by Patriot Outreach’s, Col. Monaco and Civil Rights Attorney and veteran, Rees Lloyd. Rees brings up that police are under attack and the injuries and deaths of cops is drastically on the rise. They also discuss the baby food formula shortage in American, but Biden is illegally supplying loads of baby food to undocumented immigrants at the southern border. In addition, the Biden region plans on transferring Virginia VA doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel to the border to care for the illegal undocumented immigrants.


In the age of wisdom, Alan feels it’s now his duty to help those younger than he live the right kind of life and learn by his experience and his example. Alan is also choosing to be less immersed in the crooked political games, and do what he can to be prepared, but focus on what’s important in life more.


Jan says we are always teaching whether we know it or not. We’re teaching what to do or not to do. She then shares a heartfelt dream when she awoke feeling God’s unconditional love. This is what Jan felt is her true identity. Not the “worldly” attributes that are put on us and we start to accept.


Alan says that if we are a country of God, we need to ban together and have a rebirth. Jan says that America is not done. God has already starting working on us and is bringing us back to our foundation.


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