Perilous World Radio 05/26/22

Mike Jones joins Alan and David Masters on today’s Perilous World Radio. David starts off the show discussing law enforcement and New World Order. Remember the movie, “Minority Report” and the “future crime threats”? 


In an effort to be a good influence on a 23 year-old who doesn’t have a father figure, Alan has been trying to plant a seed and deter the young man from his addiction to vaping nicotine, and to perhaps even develop a relationship with God. David says if you want to know what your purpose is, get on your knees and pray to God. 


Mike says the trends of increasing immorality is the result of absent mothers and fathers. Mike says we’re on an immorality trend in politics as well. Unless we install people who will fight the evils that are trending in our political administrations, America will be nothing like it once was.


As Alan and David say, “All you have to do to let evil prevail, is to sit back and do nothing.”


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