Perilous World Radio 05/25/22

Jan, Alan, and David start the show discussing the terrible mass shooting tragedy, leaving 19 children and two young teachers dead. Jan feels the political timing of the two shootings close together is suspicious. 


Without God in our children’s lives, Roy Masters says that humans will transition into using more of their animal nature.  Jan says you must encourage kids so they rise up, but if they are beat down they will feel they don’t have value. David discusses when that behavior shifts to becoming a killing mentality. He asks, “are we violent people first or is violence put in us by the environment”? Nature vs Nurture. Alan and Jan agree that the video games that kids are playing are slowly killing their spirit; gradually making it ok to be a hunter-murderer.


Roy discusses what PTSD really is in a classic Advice Line clip. Jan, Alan and David talk about childhood traumas and how it effected them later on. Jan says when people connect with the Heavenly Father, are grounded into who they were meant to be, they will treat others in a gentler way.


Alan opens up about having Roy Masters for a father and common questions he’s heard throughout his life. He tells how he explains the crux of his dad’s meditation, Be Still and Know.


Alan appreciates the insight that his father had and shared with the world in such an eloquent way. Now as he’s “coming of age” at 62 Alan can feel that “as you walk the walk living the life God intended, you are given greater wisdom, understanding and the ability to articulate that.”


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