Perilous World Radio 05/24/23

The Valve

David Masters and Jan Masters grace us with their presence as they host today’s Perilous World Radio show.  They begin with an audio clip from their heavenly co-host Roy Masters.  Roy speaks of consciousness and how most of us don’t know how to live.

·   Meditation

·   Only for you!

·   Quicksand

·   Roy Masters – Propaganda

·   How do you know?

·   Battlefront Segment with Colonel Monaco

·   Jesus wept.

False expectations, we are born and raised with it.  The world has put it in our heads to make us believe that we can “Just Do It!”.  No thought to anything or anyone but ourselves.  That is not how our

creator wants us to be.  Get the “Be Still and Know” meditation exercise to help clear your mind and refocus on reconnecting with your heavenly father.


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