Perilous World Radio 05/23/22

Husband and wife team, Alan and Jan Masters, co-host together, opening up with confessions about growing to live life with true intuition, God’s inner knowing. 

Alan says we are usually living in the ego. He admits that he more recently discovered how to “become a better man”, by living a simpler life rather than an egocentric life of career status, automotive and celebrity persona. He said it all changed after he submitted to discovering the truth of God’s knowing and to stop believing the lie. Alan says that he had the weight of the “world” on his shoulders, not the weight of his Creator.

As Alan reflected on his cows he asked, “if we can’t obey God’s will in our heart, why should animals obey and trust us?” If we don’t have self-respect and don’t see God inside of ourselves, our value is egocentric.

Jan explains, “when we live in God’s protection, even if we falter, we still need to pay attention to the little ‘knowings’ that God will give us to keep us safe or help us back on track. 

Jan says that when you live your life through God’s inner spirit, not only are you protected, you have clearer purpose. She says, “Jesus commanded a storm and said that we will do greater things than He”. She said “it takes complete submission to God”.


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