Perilous World Radio 05/21/21

Hour 1 - Alan and David are joined once again by Mike Jones on today’s show. They talk about how we all need to conquer stress and that Roy Masters has been saying this for years. Mike talks about having to overcome stress in order to become a better radio host. Alan says that so many people fall just short of being fully converted and living the life that God wants you to live. 

Hour 2 - Alan, David and Mike talk about a woman who became transgendered and turned into a man and then changed back and how no one in her life told her it was a bad idea to get a surgery to become a man. Alan reminds everyone that all evil needs to flourish is for good people to do nothing. They talk about how Dr. Fauci is still saying that kids need to wear masks inside unless they have been vaccinated. Alan reminds listeners that you can find the Sunday Conversation, this show, and more on our new app, FHU Vision. Download the app on your smartphone and then register it at


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