Perilous World Radio 05/20/22

Alan, David and Mike talk about blind ambition being a form of escape. Alan brings up his two personas; Alan Masters and his career life persona as an automotive expert, and talks about life during the Jim Jones era.


As Alan was driving down the road dreaming about buying more tractors, he nearly got in an accident because he was in his head too much designing the website of the tractor business he was envisioning. Alan realized that when we are not dealing with our issues, “our brains are creating machines”, which will keep us distracted. Alan also points out that, like habits and addictions to other forms of escape, such as, food, alcohol and drugs, blind ambition is a “drug of fantasy”.


When David calls people who wear masks, “idiots”, Alan asks to refrain from judging so harshly, which leads to a conversation of the power of words, mask efficiency, and David’s rebuttal.


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