Perilous World Radio 05/13/22

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Alan and David Masters are joined by Mike Jones today. They start off with the news, first discussing how Elon Musk has put his deal on hold to buy Twitter  because he’s discovering there are many fake accounts. Alan feels that, just like the current administration, most of the digital social media world is a bunch of lies. 


In that respect, David says that the Director of the National Institute of Health has confessed that the agency hid Covid genes at the request of certain Chinese scientists. 


Roy Masters, our Heavenly co-host, explains that it’s easier for people to cling onto a lie that they’ve been told, especially in a traumatic experience, than to change their insights and believe the truth. The news media knows this and because of the “echo chamber” it creates within social media, it makes it that much easier to spread false information. 


David continues that there’s a “doubt factor” we have as humans and we must not disregard that. We must discern what we hear instead of going by say-so. Alan says that all it takes for evil to prevail is to do nothing. 


The inflation increase is being reported much lower than it is. In just one year the value of the dollar is down by 10%. The talk of how this will effect the consumer’s bottom line is a real concern, from milk to rent.


Republican, Rand Paul, stood up against being pushed to pass the $40B bill to assist the Ukraine when we have the worst inflation in history, food shortages, and open borders. We need more people like this to take a stand.


The evolution of technology since the 80s has been mind boggling. Mike feels that rampant speed will rush us into the global change initiative and may be done far too quickly for our own good. David says they are trying to turn Americans into communists with manipulation, fear and a systematic deprivation of our rights. 


Roy Masters’ archived clips today can be found on shows #K4422 and K4423.


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