Perilous World Radio 05/12/22

Mike Jones joins David Masters as they start off debating about the reported baby formula shortage. Despite that Biden is denying we would have to wait in lines to get food, like he said some did during Covid under Trump. 


David brings up the book, “Brave New World” and compares it to America today. Mike says it takes one man with guts to stand up and make a change and is disappointed that there aren’t more in the Republican Party doing so.


In playing clips from “The View”, David points out the blatant disregard for truth as Joy Bahar spews hate about the Republican Party and of the January 6th incident. She has the same dislike of Elon Musk. David plays a clip of Elon verbally explaining why he tries to live with Jesus’ principles.


David plays clips from a man’s recollection of his near death experience who said it was revealed to him when he was responsible for causing his own brain cancer. He also came to a realization that humans are a bacteria on earth because under a microscope the cancer cells and the map of LA look surprisingly the same. The man says that we play a role in the physical conditions we have.


The discussion veers toward meditation and to “Be Still and Know” and the many benefits for looking inside, physically and mentally. David says “your mind will expand only to the degree that you’re willing to stretch it.”


Mike says that we need to deal with our issues so we can move past them, forgive ourself and learn to like ourself again, in order to really enjoy our life. David says many live in a blame-state of life. He concludes the show with the thought that no matter what condition you have right now, with life, we still have so much potential.


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