Perilous World Radio 05/11/22

Alan and David Masters co-host and talk about the “rise of the anti-humans” based on Roy Masters’ clip played on the show. Roy says that the media, is especially known for creating “hate”. 

Alan says all that it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing. David explains that there’s a direct connection in our country to the China communist party as Biden is beholden to them. David explains how bullies will try to take out who ever is protecting what they want. He says Trump was our protector. Alan warns that we must not cower down and give ourself over to the bully or we will be a slave to them, instead of standing up and overcoming them with courage and faith.

Alan says that most of us start out life as cowards, because nobody wants to get punched or have an altercation. We need to learn to push fear and anger aside and not stoop down to an animalistic manner. Roy says if we are coerced to hate someone by the bully, we take on the intended nature of that bully. It’s an identity crisis without knowing it. It’s transference and as Roy explains at that point “we have been cloned”. He points out how the media and political hypnotism are clear examples of this. David says a man with the courage of his convictions is much harder to bully. 

Alan points out that we live so much of our life “in our heads” because we’ve become so domesticated with smart phones, smart cars, social media and political brainwashing. Instead Alan wants to live in a more self-sustaining way by working the land and with livestock. He invites the audience to the Tall Timber Ranch Summer Camp for youth to learn how to gain knowledge of working the land, gardening, working with animals and skills that have been lost in today’s greater society. 

Alan says your donations to the Foundation of Human Understanding mean so much with the many programs we support, such as; Patriot Outreach, the Prison Outreach program, Brighton Academy School, Tall Timber Ranch and the summer camp, the radio show, Sunday Conversations, seminars and expenses to keep the foundation going strong. 

Clips from today’s Advice Line Radio we taken from archived show #K4332.


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