Perilous World Radio 05/10/22

David Masters and “Country Lawyer”, Patrick Kelly, discuss power, cult mentalities and how the left is trying to change America’s morals and way of life. David exposes cults, the art of brainwashing and the number of Satanic followers on the rise. 


Pat says that children are one the most unambiguous good things about this life, and it can only be Satan’s representatives who decide to kill this life force for their many controversial reasons. 


David plays clips from Roy Masters with his early warnings of the dire direction of our country and mindset. He also plays clips from the Satanic Temple discussing political and legal issues in almost calm and charming ways, showing how persuasive this type of cult mentality can be.


Despite some of the false rumors that Republicans are angrily trying to tear apart America, Pat believes in treating our neighbors well, especially Democrats who will feel their world’s come crashing down just like the rest of us. He feels more positive with certain events lately showing more people starting to push back to change our direction.


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