Perilous World Radio 05/09/22

Alan and David Masters co-host starting off with the must-see investigative documentary, ”2000 Mules”, by Dinesh D’Souza, that exposes some so the “mules” that carried the fraudulent ballots to the drop boxes and drastically changed the election results. Alan says that we MUST draw a line in the sand.


David says The NY Times finally admitted that the Hunter Biden laptop story is real after 18 months. He also warns that if we feel social media is oppressive,  “the perverts” are going to come at us in our homes, like they’re doing to Supreme Court Justices. A reporter was outside of Judge Kavanaugh’s home as a large crowd outside was screaming to try to change the abortion vote.


Alan says listening to his father’s show again gave him a new found respect for how laser sharp Roy Master’s was in having the foresight to see what our country is now coming to. 


It’s Patriot Outreach Monday and Col. Tony Monaco joins us with Dr. Dawn Weston as they discuss the dynamics of Roe v Wade. On August 2nd, they have the chance to protect women and babies in Kansas by voting yes to the Value Them Both Amendment. For more information, please visit


David plays clips from Roy Masters’ show in 2005, episode K4332, where Roy addresses his concerns of our future and says, “ there are anti-humans and they know how to clone themselves and make other people kill themselves.” Alan explains it’s a spiritual cloning that can spread throughout America to do their business. Roy continues to say that they are trying to make people see good as evil and evil as good.


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