Perilous World Radio 05/06/22

Mike Jones joins Alan and David Masters starting off with a story of Satan challenging Alan in a dream almost to his demise. Satan will take advantage of your weaknesses. Alan liked to compete and win when he was younger and Satan knew that. We need to examine our weaknesses, our egos and our spiritual nature so that we can question certain challenges and remember to ask, “what would Jesus do?”

Alan, David and Mike have great respect for Sean Hannity, however, recent indications show Sean appears tired and angry and may need a long break to recover from the demands of his job and to gain perspective. Alan asks Sean to speak from the heart and to be what God has intended. Alan feels Sean is presidential material, but is in a bit of a controlled circumstance by the network and social engineering. The group discuss their friendships with Sean and would love to have him on the show. 

Alan and Mike talk about investing money in tangible items, like farming equipment, generators, and food sources. Alan feels money is wasted in stocks and Bitcoin these days with famine at the forethought of his concerns. Mike feels canning meat is one of the best ways to provide protein when refrigeration isn’t available.

David points out that the CDC is showing Covid cases are at their lowest in 2 years, yet the news media is falsely reporting increases in hospital admissions trying to scare and control people. David says the manipulation is obvious and we need to make our own decisions on how we are going to live our life. 

On a positive note, David says that a recent Rasmussen poll shows that if the 2024 election was happening today, Trump would have 50% of the votes opposed to Biden having only 36%.

David says that an actress claims that millions of women are trying to figure out a way to move to Canada permanently if Roe v Wade is overturned. Mike says that’s as unbelievable as when democrats, like Alec Baldwin, threatened to move to Canada if Trump won.

Just as Roy Masters has taught for 50+ years, Alan says we need to be objective to the news and world chaos around us or we will get sucked into the matrix of rage. As Roy looked to the Bible’s teachings to “Be Still and know…”, Alan says we must be calm and stay objective to keep our sanity.


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