Perilous World Radio 05/04/22

Hour 1 – David has a special guest Baron Baptiste on the show. They talk about how in ancient times they used to sacrifice children on altars to appease the Gods but now we murder unborn children and recycle them and put them into things like vaccines. They talk about how there have been riots over Roe vs Wade possibly being overturned, even though all this would do would be to put the decisions about abortions on the state level instead of the Federal level. They discuss how everyone has faith, but for some people, it is asleep inside of them and needs to be awakened.


Hour 2 – David and Baron talk about how the left is turning people into mindless zombies and once people no longer have a brain of their own, the left can do whatever they want with their bodies. They play some clips from Roy Masters from a show from 2005 (K4423) where Roy is warning us that the destruction of the US is happening and that we have to stand up and stop it. They talk about how fear and anger are two horns of the same animal and that we all need to confront and overcome our fears in order to grow as people.


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