Perilous World Radio 05/02/22

Alan, David and Beau Hanson start the show off with employees at Disney speaking up against the Disney corporation, that some believe “has been hijacked by the liberal left”, which is enforcing employees and children to have critical race theory training. 94% of American adults are worried about inflation indicating a potential radical change in political governance. Even well-known Leftist, Noam Chomsky is crediting Trump as being the one prominent statesmen wanting to push for peace in the Ukraine instead of escalating the war like Biden. 


The Oregon governor has passed a law that all schools, elementary through high school, must supply menstrual products in female and male bathrooms. Alan says the world is getting so perverted and people are getting tired of it. 


Southern Oregon is pushing to move the borders so that it will become part of Idaho. That would be a game changer for Idaho having access to ocean ports. 


COL. Tony Monaco and Master Sgt. Franco Web of Patriot Outreach join the show and discuss how parental boards objected to an after school satanic club being implemented at an elementary school. Master Sgt. Franco Web is trying to take a stand by running for city mayor.  This club can open up a huge can of evil worms if it’s allowed.  If he gets voted in, Web will make the appropriate ordinances and laws in his city’s schools, and then continue the fight for school board, local government and state government to not allow after school satan clubs and those that are similar. 


David says the Ukraine is fighting a proxy war for America and we’re spending billions on the war with Russia. This is antagonizing Putin who has now put his nuclear weapons on alert. He doesn’t want to seem weak and is using his weapons as a form of intimidation. We are closer to nuclear war than ever before and the media is hiding its severity.


Alan introduces a new summer camp for young people at Tall Timber Ranch where they will learn horticulture, milking cows, fishing, and many skills that are lost in today’s society. Go to for more information. Alan speaks about the importance of responsibility, fellowship, hard work, teamwork and camaraderie that can be found in ranching and caring for land and animals. David, Alan and Beau all agree that animals bring out the best in people.


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