Perilous World Radio 04/28/22

Mike Jones joins Alan and David Masters covering topics like “cause and effect” in relationships and the spiraling reality they create, questioning why we have faith, having courage in our convictions, how to be real with ourselves about our faults,  and the continued Twitter debate.


First off, Alan takes on a question from a listener of why we have faith. See as each host and some chat room watchers go deeper into their reasonings. The Bible says, “End well as a good and faithful servant”. What does having faith mean to you?


In a few Jordan Peterson clips, he first addresses trust. He says “people who trust are naive. If you’re not naive you’ve been burned and may find it hard to trust and we become cynical. Then concludes, that "we trust people because we are courageous.” 


The world grooms us to believe we should be harmless, virtuous, not too competitive or aggressive, but Jordan Peterson says “we should be a monster first and then learn how to control it”. Alan explains that evil will shun good people who have strength of character, courage of their convictions, and confidence to speak up for what they believe is right as being “monsters”. Unfortunately, many stay quiet, are afraid to take a stand and may be more susceptible to persuasion.


Roy Masters’s archived radio clip (#K4423) continues with the topic of how Psychopolitical hypnosis is used to destroy your mind and control the masses.


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