Perilous World Radio 04/27/22

Beau Hanson joins Alan and David Masters as they discuss many political topics as well as farming, faith, and being happier living with less.


Bill Gates and China are continuously buying up U.S. Farmland while many “mysterious” explosions are happening at U.S. food plants and in countries around the world. While more Republicans are taking a stand, Oregon is showing signs of more people wanting a massive political change, even showing many democrats looking forward to electing a Republican governor. 


It’s hard for people to turn a blind eye these days to our public school systems blatantly trying to brainwash our children to group think. Beau goes as far as to say “we are voluntarily sacrificing our children” as we send them to public schools. Is he right?


It’s hard to refute when you listen to Roy Masters going deeper into the public school systems’ use of psychopolitics and the art of controlling the masses by putting them in a hypnotic state. On clips from his archived radio show Roy discusses ‘The Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics’, which is a historical instruction manual issued in training the practitioners of Psychopolitics in Russia before, during and after the Cold War. 


“Few are aware of how highly developed Russia was in the art of mental manipulation. Soviet Russia had many colleges devoted to the practices and teachings of the dark arts. Today we see many inroads into our culture, our educational systems, our political structure, tax system, business regulations, gun control, medicine and many other arenas, that were engineered many decades ago by Communist regimes to destroy the American way of life.” -‘The Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics’


Clips from today’s Advice Line with Roy Masters were taken from #K4423.


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