Perilous World Radio 04/26/22

On this insightful and refreshing show, Patrick J. Kelly, the Country Lawyer, joins David Masters and is feeling positive with a few wins lately.  CNN Plus has gone down, Twitter has been purchased by Elon Musk which has already restored many accounts, Amazon, Facebook and Disney are losing value, and 77% of Oregonians want to elect a Republican governor. The tides are turning and these moments should be savored. 


Yet, David asks that with Biden’s ratings free-falling why are some people still supporting him? Pat poignantly breaks down some mindsets that lead to people living in a guilt-ridden state, even though we have ultimate choices and responsibilities to uphold. He says the people who survive in the long run are people who are awakened (not woke) to the reality of the real world. We all have the capacity to escape the trap they have set for us. 


Our Heavenly Co-host, Roy Masters, talks about psycho-politics and the art of controlling the masses living in a hypnotic state on his archived radio show, Advice Line. It’s from the show #K4423 for those of you who enjoy listening to our library of many years of Roy’s radio shows.


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