Perilous World Radio 04/22/22

On this Earth Day, Mike Jones and David Masters discuss how polls are showing that the Climate Crisis is falling in importance with democrats, and David discusses the worship between God and the trend of Gaya (our earth) and the true reasons behind the climate crisis. According to Mike, the Green Agenda is a "hook for Communism". He says the word, “Green” now means “expensive and oppressive” for many Americans.  


David plays the Piers Morgan interview with Trump that went viral, saying the private audio recordings showed both men had cordial relations off the air. David says ICE is using the private sector to keep criminal illegal immigrants from being deported. 


Barack Obama wants more censorship of social media content in order to apparently diminish the darker impulses of humans. Both hosts feel the timing is suspect with Elon Musk's serious negotiations to purchase Twitter in order to save free speech. 


Roy Masters' archived clips talks about people pleasers and mind control, taming victims through a type of bullying, and creating toxic resentment in love/hate relationships. David plays clips from BLM political figures demonstrating use of these tactics to gain ground with sympathizers and activists.


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