Perilous World Radio 04/19/22

David Masters is joined by Pat Kelly, “The Country Lawyer” as they talk politics, gender pressures and spirituality. 


David plays an interview from Tucker Carlson’s show of a 23-year-old woman who discusses the mental process she went through to become a transgender male. Today she identifies as her original gender, a woman. She felt that society, especially her school, groomed her thinking when she was very young and that if she wasn’t happy with her looks or her voice, she must be trans. She made massive decisions to change her sexual gender starting at 15. Today, instead of being bitter, she is more aware and appreciative of the experience and has strength to tell her story and warn of the pressures that are widely in play. 


David says the Biden Administration is now promoting gender affirming healthcare for young people, even providing hormone replacement therapy for teens and surgeries for adolescents. He says, the doctor is now becoming “the evil change-agent.”


David plays Roy Masters’ classic clips, first talking about our conscience and the fight to feel approved by society. Roy says to be aware of “the light that shines in our rabid thoughts”. Watch the thoughts that play with your mind to convince you right is wrong and wrong is right. We must find the peace we are ultimately craving. 


Pat Kelly says public schools are pushing sexual and gender orientation with an agenda, even enforcing new laws. He discusses that youth used to be given much more responsibilities at a younger age and as a society we must raise our children to rely on themselves much earlier. 


Pat talks about putting practices back into play to honor women, like simply opening the car door for for her. Not that she can’t do it herself or to make a statement that she’s weak, but to show respect and honor. Honor your wives, mothers and daughters.


Pat says responsibility means,”the ability to respond literally”. Instead of being fearful of today’s crises, we should take them on and get into the fight with a good spirit.


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