Perilous World Radio 04/18/22

With 5G becoming more prominent there have been more studies regarding its safety to our health. Just as the “Metaverse” and a decline in our mental health have been linked, we need to be more connected with our “internal guidance mechanism”, our Heavenly Father.


Col. Tony Monaco and Chaplain Phillip Pringle from Patriot Outreach join us and talk about PTSD, and share personal traumas caused by the battlefield. Roy Masters’ “Be Still and Know” meditation exercise has saved thousands from suicide and has helped many to lead more productive, happier lives. Reach out to Patriot Outreach if you know someone who is struggling. www.PatriotOutreach.ORG


Alan Masters shares how we have strengths that come to us when we are in tune with our creator. "This strength is on loan from God" and He can use us as a conduit to do miraculous things when we get out of His way. 


Showing our true selves can be more difficult these days with worldly influences, especially with social media. David shares clips of our Heavenly co-host, on a classic Roy Masters' Advice Line radio show discussing how to deal with traumas and social pressures. Roy says we have been groomed to be “people pleasers”, fearful of sharing our true thoughts so not to be judged. We depend too much on the approval of others. Alan says that if we live and speak with dignity, honor and respect, our words and reputation will be a representation of our father in Heaven. 


Roy also talks about shame and how we need to let ourselves feel the pain of our past and our wrong-doings. With meditation we will understand the control our ego has over us and we can overcome those overwhelming manifesting thoughts and be set free from pain and the shame. Alan says his father was a “freer of souls” and that we can all be influencers to our friends and family by sharing what we have learned from Roy Masters.


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