Perilous World Radio 04/14/22

Mike Jones joins Alan and David Masters on Perilous World Radio where they discuss having the courage of our convictions in today’s political world, and for parents to really step up especially in the way schools are grooming our children politically and sexually. 


Elon Musk has affected our world in momentous ways, but that doesn’t come without controversy. We commend him for his efforts trying to give us our freedom of speech back when he bought into Twitter and joined the Board of Directors. His inventions in transportation, energy, communication, space travel, are beyond comprehension for one person to achieve in a lifetime, but what we admire is his courage of conviction. He sees the darkness of what’s happening politically in our world and isn’t afraid to not only speak about it publicly, but take action financially. 


David plays Roy Masters’ clip tackling a caller’s concerns about drugs and depression. Roy states that our “common sense is depressed” and our rational and emotional side doesn’t function as well as it should leading down a dark road. If we want the feelings of resentment and the problem to go away, we must own our part in it, feel the pain and not simply numb the symptoms. Meditating and finding God’s grace on the other side will set you free. Learn to Be Still and Know, and learn who is really in charge of your life.


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